There will be a more effective physical stores

Retailers will follow the example of Walmart and Target, offering updated space and new technologies in the generation of urban flagship stores.

Fast-fashion retail will have a shorter rental period, more joint space and more temporary stores

Traditional and digital retailers will look for space for temporary stores, offering consumers new physical locations.

Western retailers will learn from the “New retail” with the help of data-driven and online-to-offline

More and more Western retailers will follow Amazon’s example and use the “new retail” model promoted by Alibaba to integrate online retail, offline and logistics into a single value chain for the buyer based on data and technology.

Technology will save against ongoing friction in retail

Retailers will seek to remove their traditional pain points from the physical model of stores, for example, with the help of automated stores without cash registers.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will be the main technology for retailers

More and more retailers are turning to AI to settle prices and stocks in stores, as well as to communicate more effectively with customers and create personalized offers.

Partnership with start-UPS will contribute to the development of new products

Retailers will turn to startups that can provide them with the digital expertise they need to compete online.

Supply chain model will change

Fashion retailers will work with technology providers to move from traditional linear, planned supply chains to digital reactive feedback chains.

Consumers will look for environmentally and socially interested brands and retailers

Users will shop more consciously, benefiting retailers who are ethical, resilient and driven by values.

More and more consumers will expect “smart retail”

The growing awareness of customers with chatbots, voice assistants and personalization will increase the demand for “smart” solutions for interactions between channels.

Buyers will look for inclusive offers

Consumers will prefer offers that are inclusive and accessible. For example, make a choice in favor of plus-size or casual styles instead of exclusives and trends.