Hey! My name, as you might already know is Andor Nagy, and I’m from Transylvania.  I’m 21 years young and been working on the web for around 5-6 or more years now.

I mostly thought myself how to do things like building websites from scratch, using WordPress, creating themes and plugins and so on.

If I’m not working on something Web or WordPress related, I’m either out cycling, and taking pictures with my Nikon D5100, hanging out with friends or sometimes playing video games.

Before I started AndorWP, I had a Web design and Development focused Blog, that I’ve sold a few years ago.

Now here on AndorWP, I try to cover WordPress related things that other websites or blogs don’t. Of course, you’ll find things that other covered as well, cuz they are important in order for some other things to be explained properly.

I love to tinker and work with the following topics:

  • WordPress Theme Modifications and creation
  • WordPress Theme Modifications and creation
  • Doing things without the use of plugins.
  • Experimenting with what WordPress is capable of.

Other then what I write and share here on this blog, I’m also interested in social media, marketing, and blogging. You can see me sharing articles and what not about those on my twitter and google plus page.