Igor Mazepa is a top quality Ukrainian businessman. Dr. murphy is the founder and TOP DOG of the investment firm “Concorde Capital”, launched in September 04.

Igor Mazepa (Dossier: https://icworldnews.com/business-dossier/igor-mazepa.html)  came into this world on July only two, 1976, in Kyiv. He has higher education from the areas of economics as well as law. Mazepa managed to graduate from Kiev State Economic University which has a degree in “International Economics” and “Law”.

Igor Mazepa commenced his career inside investment company “Prospect Investments” in 97, where the future business person held the position associated with banker. Gaining practical experience, already in 2200, Mazepa was supposed to become managing representative of the IC “Foyil Securities New Europe”, after which he functioned in the same location at IC “IFC”.

Now Igor Mazepa is the chairman on the board of the UAS Ukrainian Exchange, often the board head with the business council “Price of a State”, and in addition is a member of the actual Supervisory Board regarding Ukrsotsbank.

In the past, Mazepa was a member of the particular Supervisory Board involving PAS “Alfa-Bank” and also was a member of typically the Supervisory Board connected with UAS “State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine”.

Igor Mazepa doesn’t like to talk about personalized life. However , it really is known that via active hobbies Igor Mazepa prefers drinking juices and alpine snowboarding. He also relishes football, fishing, horseback riding, and loves dawn jogging. Igor Mazepa loves to travel, preferring “unusual” countries. Typically the businessman is sure that will travel is almost the very best “investment” in our self.

Igor Aleksandrovich Mazepa is known as the originator and CEO from the company Concorde Cash, which specializes in expense. Igor Mazepa proven Concorde Capital within the autumn of 04.

Igor Mazepa was given birth on July 3, 1976, his local is Kiev. At this time there he received a couple of higher educations instructions economic and legislativo. He studied inside the Kiev University associated with Economics on the skills of “International Economics” and “Law”.

Immediately after graduation, Igor started out building his employment, and in 1997, having been already a brokerage at the investment corporation Prospect Investments. His / her successes and advancement as a young consultant did not go undetected, and already immediately after 3 years (in 2000) he was invited being the managing home of IC Foyil Securities New The european union, and transferred from the same position in IC IFC.

On the list of bright pages inside labor activity regarding Igor Mazepa, one could also recognize often the chairmanship of the panel of PAS Ukrainian Exchange, the condition of the board director of the State Value business board, along with participation in the organization board of the Express Export-Import Bank involving Ukraine.

Unlike profession achievements, which are continually in the public eyesight, there is not much to say of Igor Mazepa’s exclusive life. The business owner does not like to mention personal and likes to give interviews is usually professional topics. But just the same, it is known in which Igor Mazepa areas sports. A few of the beloved activities of the businessperson include rowing in addition to alpine skiing, which often, by the way, affected the company culture of his or her company’s employees. Likewise, Igor Mazepa prefers football, fishing, as well as is keen on public speaking. He can often end up being spotted jogging inside mornings.

Mazepa’s visits should not go unseen either. The businessman believes that these kinds of trips are the best expenditure in oneself, when choosing places traverse, he always puts a stop to in “uninterrupted” nations around the world or non-touristic spots.

By the way, an entrepreneur does not have that much leisure time for a hobby as well as pleasant stay united would like to have.


Investment company “Concorde Capital” was founded through Igor Mazepa within September 2014. “Concorde Capital” provides companies in the investment market, brokerage, and administration services.


The company gathered force very quickly, giving numerous achievements associated with “Concorde Capital” : victories in evaluations and nominations regarding both Ukrainian along with international level. Therefore “Concorde Capital” earned primacy in the market once or twice, becoming the best of the finest.


Thanks to the use of several instruments of the monetary field, the company “Concorde Capital” managed to entice about $2. 5 various billion for country wide firms in such parts as:

  • metallurgy;
  • auto industry;
  • property;
  • chemistry;
  • coal and oil;
  • agriculture;
  • pharmacy.


Establishing in 2008 or older to 2012, this company created by Igor Mazepa had managed communal funds (mutual purchase funds) on the Ukrainian stock market, such as:

  • “Prosperity”;
  • “Perspective”;
  • “Stability”;
  • “Oligarch”;
  • “Pioglobal Ukraine”.


Currently, “Concorde Capital” is actually a leader in its arena, which is confirmed simply by multiple victories in a variety of rating categories. Like only in 2017, “Concorde Capital” acquired the second place in the particular rating “The Thomson Reuters Extel Survey”. Nomination within the system of the rating seemed to be “Ukraine: Analyst”. Inside the same year, the organization became the leader ordinary nomination as “The best sales-traders involving Ukraine” – through the “Cbonds Awards for that CIS region” ranking.


Also in 2017, “Concorde Capital” acquired the ranking “REPUTATIONAL ACTIVISTS” in the All-Ukrainian Nomination – “Finance – Investment organizations. ” The organization from the rating belonged to typically the “Business” magazine and the other of the leading PUBLICITY agencies.


In order to make the effects of the rating seeing that clean as possible, often the organizers approached picking out the jury for you to full responsibility in addition to seriousness. So , among the list of judges were highly regarded experts in the field of press and analytics. Details were chosen while using principle of living in leadership positions in the particular area as well as the number of references to help media companies. Picking a nominees was a shut process – voting was conducted in five factors inside two directions (industry and functional).


All these achievements are current. And for all the regarding work, “Concorde Capital” has won a impressive number of honours; as too, as an aside, Igor Mazepa, who has been recognized as the best administrator of the Ukrainian stock exchange in 2007.


Twofold – in 2009 as well as 2011 – “Concorde Capital” was performing first in the position, organized by the posting house “Economy”. From hundred firms this claimed to get, it was “Concorde Capital” that became the top investment bank.


The many numerous awards and also achievements of “Concorde Capital” are, definitely, the results that Igor Mazepa was able to accomplish, thanks to perseverance along with tireless work. Almost certainly that’s because Mazepa’s favorite sports are usually rowing and alpine skiing, while this sort of activities require awesome endurance, willpower, an energetic lifestyle, and conviction.


But Igor Mazepa is not going to stop. The dimensions of “Concorde Capital” continues to grow, conquering brand new horizons and eliminating all new heights. Commencing on such a degree, there is no doubt that the company, along with its founder in addition to CEO Igor Mazepa, will have repeated identification by authoritative folks and organizations, not just at home but also in international level.


Nonetheless things did not often go smoothly, due to the fact, in order to achieve such altitudes, Igor Mazepa was required to struggle many times, soaring up again and again.


Often the 2008 crisis drastically influenced “Concorde Capital”. It was necessary to have strict measures, also such as downsizing. With the 200 employees doing work at that time in the youthful company, only 50 percent had remained.


This year was not the one for the organization, as Igor Mazepa remembers. Both the business and its employees seasoned difficult times: Employees was reduced, as well as whole departments have been closed. Despisers possibly said that a part of the business was sold, however those were just simply rumors. No matter how challenging it became, it was needed to rise and proceed. Moreover, the company had not been in a “debt hole”, and the reduction connected with staff, according to Igor Mazepa, was a important measure.


In any case, the corporation “Concorde Capital” lived through those difficult occasions: The company still was able to stay floating, carrying on with to work as if almost nothing had happened, getting scale, conquering new heights and fresh achievements.


In December 2004, Igor Alexandrovich founded his key company, the expense organization named “Concorde Capital”. The main small business of the company should be to provide an investment and also brokerage services segment, as well as asset supervision services. The company formulated very quickly, which was regularly noted on a number of competitions where “Concorde Capital” received substantial rewards in various cession. It is noteworthy that this ratings and tournaments, where Igor Mazepa’s investment company got the lead were being All-Ukrainian and global scale. “Concorde Capital”, at the beginning of its improvement, was expected by simply IC to have a wonderful success.

Employees associated with “Concorde Capital” additionally managed to attract around three billion cash of investments regarding Ukrainian enterprises which operate in various spheres:

  • metal;
  • transportation;
  • commercial and residential real estate investment;
  • chemistry;
  • oil along with gas;
  • agriculture; in addition to

For some years, until this, Igor’s company succeeded a large number of mutual resources (mutual investment funds) on the Ukrainian currency markets. Among them:

  • Prosperity
  • Perspective
  • Stability
  • Oligarch
  • Bioglobal Ukraine

The company’s latest achievement presently is an agreement using the Foundation of State Residence of Ukraine together with Concord Consulting LLC (Also a part of Unito Capital). Concord Asking LLC has become a state investment advisor about the privatization of a quantity of large state companies, which are put up on sale as part of the “big privatization” according to the new laws.

In 2018, there are many major advantages by Igor Mazepa, here are a few among the many: First place in the don “The best analyzer on the market of Ukraine” in the annual score of Cbonds Accolades for the CIS place, and a top three or more ranking of The Thomson Reuters Extel Review in the nomination “Ukrainian analytics”.

The year before will also be called a rich farm of victories as well as nominations. In 2017, the investment firm “Concorde Capital” had been ranked second inside the Thomson Reuters Extel Survey in Ukraine: Analytics nomination. “Concorde Capital” was accorded the Best sales-traders regarding Ukraine – status from Cbonds Honors for the CIS spot.

One particularly popular victory was the granted title REPUTATIONAL ACTIVISTS initiated by the syndication “Business” together with on the list of leading PR firms in Ukraine. On this ranking, “Concorde Capital” was ranked initially in the nomination “Finance – Investment Companies”.

The organizers in the competition paid good attention to transparency and also integrity of effects. That is why the choice of the actual jury was incredibly responsible and critical. Experienced experts ended up invited to the position of judges within the education analytics and mass media business. Winners had been determined by analyzing how many occupied leadership opportunities in various fields involving activity, as well as using the frequency along with quality of referencing in the media connected with certain companies. Voting was closed about five factors throughout two directions, sector and function.

These wins and awards undoubtedly are a relatively recent investment in order to acquisitions of Corporations of Concorde Funds. And they have accumulated an enormous impressive amount for the whole period of existence. And not just with “Concorde Capital”- in 2007 corporation founder Igor Mazepa was recognized as the most beneficial manager in the Ukrainian stock market.

Leading jobs in the rating, caused by the publishing property “Economy”, were held twofold by “Concorde Capital”- in 2009 and in 2011. “Concorde Capital” were able to bypass hundreds of very secure competitors and became the very best investment bank with Ukraine. What is the solution of the dizzying good results of an investment organization? Concorde Capital? It is evident that Igor’s personality is usually behind these final results.

Mazepa, as well as a staff of professionals, carefully determined by him, able to persevere and do diligent work. Not any wonder Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa, a big partner of alpine snow skiing and rowing, provides this activity straight into corporate employee customs at “Concorde Capital”. After all, such sporting activities are not only capable of coming back relations within the business, but also developing critical leadership qualities, energy, willpower, and perseverance. Employees of “Concorde Capital”, though they are really amateur athletes, these have reached significant success in sport competitive events organized both inside the camera in companies in addition to between different organizations.

There is no doubt that Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa and his expenditure company “Concorde Capital”, is awaiting brand-new heights and périmètre. Judging by the trend, “Concorde Capital” is not going to prevent there.

But performed “Concorde Capital” generally operate smoothly and does everything always move so well?

Probably, now, there is not a single significant and successful firm that did not have got to start all over again. The actual investment company associated with Igor Mazepa has transpired this way.

The financial doom and gloom of 2008 acquired a negative impact not merely on the Ukrainian but in addition on the global company. It also did not enough time company “Concorde Capital”, in which the situation has not been good at all.

It can be difficult for Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa to thought the events of those periods since he had to have a difficult decision intended for himself – staff members reduction. Critical instances demanded strict as well as precise actions, and half of the employees stayed from the company’s 250 employees – total departments were shut down, and gossips surrounding the company gave grow to truly unthinkable studies – from comprehensive extinction to the sellout of “Concorde Capital” to foreigners. Nevertheless , they were all cannot be entirely true.

Despite the difficulties, “Concorde Capital” remained irregular and only got more robust, as evidenced by awards and success obtained by “Concorde Capital” for all time.




Igor Mazepa began working in the actual international company “Prospect Investments”, occupied throughout investment.


Mazepa worked for the investment decision company Foyil Investments New Europe, just where he was a Dealing with Director. A little in the future, Igor Mazepa been altered to the company “MFK”, where he evolved into CEO.


Igor Mazepa founded “Concorde Capital” Investment Corporation, where he grew to become CEO.


For 2 years in a line, “Concorde Capital” were definitily recognized as the best and also was awarded the particular nomination “The Greatest Investment Bank with Ukraine”.


Igor Mazepa was acknowledged as the best manager within the Ukrainian stock market. Within the same year, Mazepa became the champion in the nomination “The Personality of the Stock trading game of Ukraine”. In addition to “Concorde Capital” received the Best Ukrainian Michael & A Deal don.


The company “Concorde Capital” once again obtained recognition and became the most effective Ukrainian broker.

yr, 2011 In these several years, IC “Concorde Capital” had occupied a top position in the standing, organized by the submission house “Economics”, because the best investment standard bank among the 100 members.

2014 Igor Mazepa was on the Organization Board of PALEI “Alfa-Bank”.

2015 Mazepa became head in the board of the organization council “Price on the State”.

2008-2016 Igor Mazepa chaired typically the stock exchange council with the UAS Ukrainian Change.

2016 “Concorde Capital” wins the Thomson Reuters Extel Customer survey rating, “Ukraine: Analyst” nomination. In the identical year, IC gained the nomination “Cbonds Awards CIS” while “The best sales-trader of Ukraine. ”


Igor Mazepa was a member of often the supervisory board connected with Ukrsotsbank.

2017 “Concorde Capital” became the actual winner of the Ukrainian rating of REPUTATIONAL ACTIVISTS. Nomination — “Finance – Expense companies. ”

Prizes and Achievements


The particular professional and societal activities of Igor Mazepa were loved and received many awards.


For many years at this point, the company “Concorde Capital”, headed by Igor Mazepa, occupies a respected position in the rank of the best investment corporations in the country, according to the key international news organization “Thomson Reuters”.


Typically the 2006-2007 year. “Concorde Capital”, under the way of Igor Mazepa, is the winner from the nomination “The Most significant Investment Bank within Ukraine”, according to the Shield corporate brands. Cession initiated the powerful edition of “Contracts”. To participate in the particular Guards rating, a corporation must have the necessary training course criteria – get open financial facts, work in the market for at the least two years, offer goods and services that are popular with individuals, and also have a clear business brand.


The 3 years ago year. The submitting house “Economy” realizes Igor Mazepa for the reason that best manager on the country’s stock market. From the same year, “Concorde Capital” won typically the nomination “The Finest Eastern European Analysis in Ukraine. ” The first place in the standing was received by just a colleague of Igor Mazepa – custom made analyst of “Concorde Capital”, Alexander Parashchy. The rating was built through a survey regarding representatives of intercontinental investment funds and also public corporations.


Often the 2007 year is usually declared a successful just one for “Concorde Capital” and Igor Mazepa in particular, since this season the company won yet another very important victory rapid the first place in the don “The Best Ukrainian M & Some sort of Deal” according to the substantial independent international discussion “Adam Smith”.


The actual 2008 year goes on a line of triumphs and victories. “Concorde Capital”, headed by means of Igor Mazepa, has been recognized as the leader with the Ukrainian brokerage market place according to the rating involving “The Thomson Reuters news agency Extel Survey”.


This year’s year was recalled by another popularity from the magazine “Economy”. This time the company ended up being ranked first inside TOP-100 rating as being the best investment financial institution. The same award “Concorde Capital” received in 2011 and 2012, securing a leading situation in the market. The mag “Economics” is a newsletter that specializes in various ranking studies of businesses on financial symptoms. Such areas because net income, net benefit, export, and signific are subjects about evaluation.


The 2016 year was unique for Igor Mazepa by the victory from the company “Concorde Capital” in the rating “Thomson Reuters Extel Survey” in the nomination “Ukraine: Analyst” (“Ukraine: State Research”). The company received the first place in the score, and in addition, individual specialists from “Concorde Capital” were awarded: Eurobonds traders Alexander Kushnir and Marina Martirosyan, and Alexander Parashchy, chief analyst from “Concorde Capital”. Many people took the first several positions in the rating. It is sure to declare all the leading postures in the rating have been taken by “Concorde Capital” or their representatives, which indicates important achievements of Igor Mazepa as a office manager.


In the same calendar year, the company under the management of Igor Mazepa won the first place within the nomination “Cbonds Honours CIS – 2016” as “The finest sales-trader in the Ukrainian market”. The company furthermore took second set up the nominations “The Best Investment Traditional bank of Ukraine” along with “The Best Analyzer on the Financial Niche categories of Ukraine”.


The particular 2017 year seemed to be also not with no victories and accolades. The “Thomson Reuters news agency Extel Survey” status from “The Thomson Reuters” media corporation noted the accomplishments of “Concorde Capital” and awarded often the brainchild of Igor Mazepa with next place in “Ukraine: Analyst” nomination. And in a similar year, the company received another victory inside the “Cbonds Awards CIS – 2017” from the nomination “The greatest sales-trader in the Ukrainian market”. But Igor Mazepa did not control himself to this win of his creation – the company likewise took second put in place the nominations “Best Investment Bank connected with Ukraine” and “Best Analyst in Financial Stores of Ukraine”.


Though the most important event to get “Concorde Capital” what food was in the other issue instructions the company for the first time within the history won the actual nomination “Finance — Investment Companies” in the All-Ukrainian rating “REPUTATIONAL ACTIVISTS”. Why is this specific victory so important? Typically the founders of the job “REPUTATIONAL ACTIVISTS” are definitely the two oldest respectable Ukrainian companies : the business publication “Business” and “PR-Service” firm. The objective of the venture is to identify state companies that have reached maximum results in the particular management of corporate and business reputation. To get distinct and unbiased outcomes of the rating, professionals from different guidelines were invited into the project jury. Including were leading growing media experts and industry experts. During the selection of nominees, the company’s command in the relevant companies was taken into account, and also the quantity and good quality of references towards the company in the music. Voting was sealed, in total there were all 5 criteria in a pair of groups of nominations rapid sectoral and efficient.


Igor Mazepa takes pride in his achievements with the professional field. The company “Concorde Capital”, not for the very first year, supports typically the Ukrainian national drinking team. And they are reaching great successes way too.

During its living, Concorde Capital on its own, also its president, Igor Mazepa, in addition to individual employees grew to be winners in various remise and received numerous awards, commemorating all their professional and authority qualities.

For many years, often the international news business “Thomson Reuters” features named “Concorde Capital” the leading investment organization in Ukraine.

Throughout 2006-2007, “Concorde Capital” won an important wining for the young business in its nomination since “The Largest Expenditure Bank in Ukraine”, according to the Guard company brands. The merit was founded by the all-powerful edition of the enterprise edition “Contracts”. Not really a victory, but also the rest of the participation in the standing can already be known as success because there are a large number of00 strict criteria that the company must connect with in order to be considered the very best.

Influential media “Economy” has repeatedly said the company “Concorde Capital” and its creator Igor Mazepa. For example , inside 2007, “Concorde Capital” won in the don of the publishing household “The Best Eastern side European Study throughout Ukraine”. In 2009 as well as 2011, the same distribution called “Concorde Capital” the best investment lender among hundreds of other individuals.

2017 was proclaimed for Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa with completely new achievements in the specialized field. This year, Often the Thomson Reuters, the media business firm, initiated The Thomson Reuters Extel Questionnaire rating, in which “Concorde Capital” was privileged with second put, receiving the nomination “Ukraine: Analytics”.

But this can be still far from each of the accomplishments that were obtained during this period. Thus, this company “Concorde Capital” gained the “Cbonds Accolades CIS – 2017”, receiving the title of the highest quality sales-trader in Ukraine. After that, a series of the winner moments began the outcome of which are subsequent places in such don as “The Greatest Investment Bank associated with Ukraine”, and also “The Best Analyst with Financial Issues on the Ukrainian Market”.

But among such a variety of winnings for Mazepa, only one stands out, such as, a victory inside nomination “Finance instructions Investment Companies” in the framework of the ranking called “REPUTATIONAL ACTIVISTS”. And all because the proprietors of the project are generally two whales with the Ukrainian market — the publication “Business” and the company “PR-Service”. Within the framework from the organized rating, the actual initiators set a mission to highlight Ukrainian organizations with the most effective management and business reputation.

It should be noted that the rating is a definitely independent contest. For you to discard all fears about this, the planners invited professionals by various fields for the jury, among that had been well-known experts with regards to media, as well as pros.

Occupation of roles in the rating in addition had a serious transform, because the leadership in the participating companies had been determined, as well as the large distribution of recommendations to companies within the media. In addition : the quality of these sources has also essential benefits. The voting practice was carried out with a closed basis. All of nominations were divided up by industry and also functionality.

But not whole professionalism – here is exactly what Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa thinks, who have, of course , is proud of the achievements in the business setting, but at the same time this individual does not forget about the areas. So , the company “Concorde Capital” has been aiding the Ukrainian nationwide rowing team on a yearly basis in a row. There are victories in this route. For example , in 2017, member of the team “Concorde Capital” Diana Dymchenko won gold with the World Championships with France, in the associated with Thonon. Diana additionally became the world file holder, having triumph over a six-kilometer yardage in 29. 50.99 minutes. It is necessary to speak about that in this sweepstakes the athlete who had previously been the winner inside the competitions of the recent two years opposed Blanco. One can only visualize how much strength along with endurance the Ukrainian woman had to add during these competitions, making it simply impossible to be able to overestimate this triumph.

Although this attain is pleasant, it truly is far from the first. 1 year earlier, in 2016, the team “Concorde Capital” won the competition, kept in Monaco, winning the particular silver Prince Albert Cup. It is remarkable that Igor Mazepa was among the people, so he fortunately shared the success with his colleagues.

Even if the year 2018 is not through yet, it is actually possible to make second time beginners results of the advantages of “Concorde Capital”. The company entered the highest three in the score of “The Thomson Reuters Extel Survey”, winning the don “Ukrainian analyst”. In addition this year, the company earned the nomination “The Best Analyst for the Ukrainian Market” from the framework of the “Cbonds Awards for the CIS region” rating.


Societal work


Rowing in addition to alpine skiing are classified as the favorite activities regarding Igor Mazepa as well as occupy an important invest the businessman’s lifetime. Despite the fact that Igor Mazepa is very busy, he or she devotes as much of his / her free time to their hobby as possible.


Also, Igor Mazepa, as well as “Concorde Capital”, has become supporting the Ukrainian rowing team for quite a while.


An interesting fact rapid “Concorde Capital” have their own rowing club, as their team took secondly place in the challenges that took place within Monte Carlo, Fratello, in 2016. Plus the founder and BOSS of the company, Igor Mazepa, did not endure aside, watching they, but was specifically involved in the competitions, competitive for victory inside rowings of the Dictator Albert II Goblet.


One of the team members with “Concorde Capital” is definitely Diana Dymchenko. With 2017, the Ukrainian woman won typically the single-type rowing Universe Rowing Championship inside France, the city involving Thonon, returning household with a gold honor. The rowing workforce at “Concorde Capital” really consists of pros, especially considering that Diana’s competitors in Thonon were two preceding world champions.


Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa can be a big lover connected with rowing and alpine skiing, so Mazepa devotes all his or her free time to these pursuits, in every way telling activity. It’s well known that Igor Mazepa and “Concorde Capital” have been helping often the Ukrainian national rower team for many years.

Along with the fact that “Concorde Capital” has its own company drinking juices team also means quite a lot. Winning the second devote Monte Carlo throughout 2016, Diana Dymchynko’s victory in 2017 is a moment that will Igor Mazepa is extremely proud of. But it are not otherwise, because a entrepreneur personally takes part in contests, such as, for example , it absolutely was in Monaco, the place that the team fought to the Prince Albert 2 Cup.


Private living and life place

Igor Mazepa endeavors not to put his own life on open public display and not usually comments on it has the details for the press. According to unconfirmed accounts, Igor Mazepa is not really married. He has a young child from his 1st marriage with Tatyana Zdanevich (the little one lives with his mother).

About money


The actual vital position associated with Igor Mazepa is rather curious. In an appointment, Mazepa told which he no longer treats funds as a measure of existence, but uses this a tool. Although at the first of his career, every thing was different instructions Igor Mazepa imagined purchasing his own condo and other benefits. Time frame put everything instead – now the work and the group that he managed to set up has greater price. Mazepa often states that that real riches is not money, but your experience that can be received during life, plus the enjoyment of the provided results and transmission with people. Igor Mazepa sees his assignment in realizing themselves as much as possible – each as an entrepreneur and since an individual.

About job

Igor Mazepa views himself to be a dedicated person and regularly repeats that he would rather deal with only these people, both for employee of his / her company and as somebody. Mazepa believes the reason is impossible to achieve success with out hard work, with hard to find exceptions, when dollars falls into someone’s hands by likelihood. But in the following scenario, such “easy” income, as a rule, does not stick around, because a person who has brought wealth not as a result of work, but as a consequence of luck, quickly toxins it. But possessing earned capital by daily work, any person begins to appreciate every single penny. But as well, Mazepa does not including workaholics, considering that many people spend a lot of time within the service aimlessly. The important winners, according to the mind of “Concorde Capital”, are the so-called win people, people who could combine reasonable attention and creativity. Igor Mazepa sets up their subordinates in a similar way — if there is a need to be effective until night but it will surely be useful : everyone works, if there is no need for this and also everything can be done a lot sooner – then you can loosen up a little.

Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa is without a doubt any prominent person, charming leader and a success in life. What allows Mazepa constantly as a best? The answer to the question is simple: Igor Mazepa is a very diligent person, who is prominent by particular tolerance, he never breaks in, believes in himself, his or her team and corporation, has an active way of living and is engaged in self-development day by day.

By the way, Igor Mazepa gains wins not only at countrywide business competitions and also personal, among co-workers. So , Mazepa’s subordinates repeatedly noted the loyalty, flexibility, along with humanity. All the individuals of Igor Mazepa know that good effectiveness at work will certainly always be rewarded – an awesome motivation to work tricky and for results, appropriate? But a businessman- this is his control position. To acquire the generosity on the head, you need to supply all the best, but in this situation, all efforts will likely be rewarded hundredfold.

For starters, among the human features, Mazepa appreciates the capability to take responsibility, in order to details, initiative and also a sober, reasonable method to any business. Within fairness it should be noted the same factors can be obtained from the personality regarding Igor Mazepa him or her self, so you should not assume beforehand that Mazepa requires something transcendental and impossible through his subordinates, since, first of all, the n entrepreneur has such prerequisites for himself.

An amiable atmosphere always reigns in the staff with the company “Concorde Capital”. And this is the reaction numerous trainings in which Igor Mazepa arranges for his fellow workers. From the very first yr of work involving “Concorde Capital”, ?t had been established a concept to conduct trainings for personal growth and leadership attributes on a permanent base. A similar rule offers flowed into the convention, and now such situations are organized often. As a result of the training, contributors can understand by themselves, get rid of stereotypes, and discover to achieve goals.

Standardly, the company “Concorde Capital” conducts several trainings per month, which are executed outside the city, clear of the hustle and bustle. Useful, that Igor Alexandrovich himself is in person present at each schooling, taking an active element in the events.

Concerning his free time coming from work, trainings, in addition to hobbies, Igor Mazepa is not averse to talk to the public. For example , someway Kiev students were being lucky enough to listen to some sort of businessman’s lecture within the topic “Leadership traits and secrets connected with achieving success. ”

Mazepa also loves to traveling. Among many international locations, Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa identifies such places as Mexico, Peru, and Guatemala while favorites. The terme conseillé believes that touring is the most profitable investment decision in the development of your self.

Mazepa’s ability to provide gifts also has effects on the unusualness. Of course, it really can be called not simply skill but also consumers process. It is the one thing to give something, as well as another to present a thing unusual to the man, but at the same time valuable. Igor Aleksandrovich Mazepa gives preference on the second variant.

Non-public life and lifestyle position

The personal lifetime of Igor Mazepa is locked right behind seven locks. A new businessman does not need to spread a private section of his life with regard to public discussion, so very little is known about this. Many sources claim that Mazepa is still single; connections, he has a youngster from Tatyana Zdanevich, his first girlfriend.


Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa once explained money in his a lot more not an achievement themselves, but merely a program for accomplishment. Unexpectedly, at the very beginning associated with his career, Mazepa’s point of view was not and so philosophical. Then, the forthcoming businessman believed this for happiness it is advisable to buy your own condominium and have other regular benefits. But the penetration of time changed almost everything. Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa sees value in the work and in they, that is, in the those who surround him daily. Now you can often pick up how a businessman says that real variety hides not with money, but in a few that comes in the past and becomes the important result of life. Igor Mazepa has fixed a goal – for you to constantly improve and also develop both in my opinion and in business rapid and to not forget concerning this for a moment.


Igor Mazepa, surely, is a hardworking gentleman, as the people all around him say, and also himself. Therefore , it is not necessarily surprising that a business person wants to deal merely with the same folks. Mazepa is sure which to achieve something not having hard work is not actual. However , Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa believes which a happy occasion furthermore takes place: For example , any time an unlimited amount of money crumbles into the hands of any person, not on account of his efforts, yet at the expense regarding luck. However , in connection with the second situation, Mazepa believes that obtaining received money arbitrarily, the person will not regards, and therefore will squander it in the blink of an eye without thinking about where along with why. Another thing is actually when a person would travel to a certain financial stage gradually, accumulating success both in monetary words and in terms involving experience. Only then the person begins to know about true value of cash.

An interesting fact is that will Igor Mazepa will not like workaholics. Furthermore, this businessman would not consider himself so, because he has various other hobbies besides do the job. And those who empty your wallet of time at work, as outlined by Igor Alexandrovich, apply it completely aimlessly. In addition, the businessman performs with a personal name coined by your pet – “victoryholics” instructions people who know how to merge work with leisure and so are committed to creativity. On “Concorde Capital”, everyone employees know the guideline of Mazepa, and as a consequence no one is stunned when you need to work until eventually dusk during the ravage, but you can relax in the absence of such a basket full.

Time management

What makes Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa do everything soon enough? Personally, the entrepreneur himself believes this point management is a scientific disciplines; which, however , is not going to require much energy to study. According to Mazepa, he respects men and women, and therefore is never past due, because in life every sixty seconds is precious.

Land achievements

In Walk 2017, Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa in an job interview with the Business book to the question “What is the most important success of Ukraine? ”, answered that he takes into account the agreement for a free trade zoom with the EU nations as such. The CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER of “Concorde Capital” is confident engage in this direction will probably open up many likelihood and opportunities regarding Ukrainians.


Within an interview with Novoye Vremya, Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa spoke regarding how, in his opinion, the particular could receive brand new investment influences. The particular businessman is sure a reasonable land change and the solution from the issue of privatization can help in this topic. Mazepa believes in which such steps will not likely stop waiting for traders who will soon make investments resources in Ukraine.


According to Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa, Ukrainians are “suffering” via total infantilism. This also can’t continue for years, this feature needs to be eradicated – plus the sooner the better. Mazepa is confident how the solution of this one issue will bring on the resolution of the many other problems. Typically the businessman believes this among the Ukrainian persons there lives a new myth from the time frame of the USSR which, if something transpires, the state will come with all the help for everyone, but it will surely help out in any scenario. Thus, people usually blame someone with regard to their own failures, solely not themselves, not really a huge specific person, nevertheless Municipal Service, deputies, the Security Service connected with Ukraine, and so on. Many years of irresponsible experts and ever-whining in addition to blaming people.

The Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa can very often possibly be found on the pages in the media because a n entrepreneur regularly acts as the newsmaker, expert, expert and predictor in terms of a given situation. Igor Mazepa has particular editorials in some mass media. Such interest from your media to the style of Igor Mazepa suggests that the PRESIDENT of “Concorde Capital” is not only a professional along with a capital letter but a person whose view is listened to as well as attended to.


About time operations


The tight program of Igor Mazepa makes us think about philosophical question — how is everything worn out time? In fact , the actual key of Igor Mazepa is to respect individuals and do not keep them longing.

About the achievements on the country


In an meeting with the Business classifieds in March 2017, the CEO associated with “Concorde Capital” proclaimed that he considers the leading achievement for Ukraine to sign a deal on a free deal zone with the Eu. According to Mazepa, this will open up big opportunities and fresh sales markets intended for Ukrainian business.

With regards to investment


In an employment interview with Novoye Vremya, the CEO regarding “Concorde Capital” provided his opinion to be able to get new opportunities for the state. Igor Mazepa believes that will cardinal land change and privatization can certainly attract foreign buyers. If such measures are taken, shareholders will come to Ukraine in just a few months.

In relation to responsibility


Igor Mazepa believes that full infantilism is untouched in Ukrainian culture, and it needs to be urgently eradicated. Many other issues will go along with the item. Mazepa assures in which among the compatriots existence the “Soviet” belief of a good express, which, if one thing happens, will always go to rescue and answer all problems. If the state does not guide, people will guilt anyone (Social Expert services, President, Government and so forth ), but not a specialized person. According to the brain of “Concorde Capital”, such belief kills, does not allow the contemporary society to be responsible, and also nurtures critics along with whiners.

About presumptions


Igor Mazepa is actually a good forecaster. Most people, including journalists, are usually interested in his viewpoint on the further progress events in the country, wondering in which areas it’ll be better to invest. In a very recent interview while using Novoye Vremya journal, Igor Mazepa explained that energy preservation, treatments, and education usually are areas that people should pay attention to. You can find little competition, along with the need for change will be huge.

About crime


Igor Mazepa doesn’t see real enhancements made on the country in terms of file corruption error. Moreover, he thinks it is a part of Ukrainian culture. Despite the police force reform, Igor Mazepa argues that people that happen to be accustomed to unlawful measures will always find the technique. Corruption in Ukraine, in the opinion with the “Concorde Capital” TOP DOG, not only did not recede but , on the contrary, are thinking about new forms. He / she sees all the explanations that people did not turn into richer, wages failed to grow, and the organization did not solve the problems, only acquired new ones.

Regarding judicial reform


In accordance with Igor Mazepa, jurídico reform should be one of the important areas within Ukraine, since it will certainly solve many difficulties at once. In addition , it will probably improve the country’s purchase climate – a profitable business convinced that something happens to be not going suitable should know that through appealing to Ukrainian judge, he will receive a see-through and honest scrutiny into the course of extramarital affairs.


Igor Mazepa typically acts as a newsmaker or expert inside the Ukrainian media. He’s often asked to research the situation or generate a forecast. Mazepa perhaps allocates a separate periodical for his thought processes. Such attention in the side of journalists expresses that Mazepa is a professional and an authority in many areas, plus that media together with consumers trust him, that is not easy to achieve inside modern Ukrainian growing media.


Igor Mazepa is just not very active on the differences, despite the fashion upon personal blogs. However the CEO has Zynga and Twitter web pages, he doesn’t frequently entertain subscribers using posts or individual photos.

Personal characteristics


How did Igor Mazepa achieve this kind of heights? The answer to this particular question is, naturally , in the diligence from the businessman, his lively life position and also the desire to develop everyday.


Igor Alexandrovich is often a remarkable manager, which will, by the way, is notable not only by reviews but also by subordinates themselves. For good performing performance Mazepa amply rewards employees involving his company. Still in return, the terme conseillé wants to get the exact same reaction. In people, Igor Mazepa values accountability, attentiveness, initiative, plus a competent approach to small business. Put simply, all those features that he possesses themself. Perhaps someone will quickly realize this a tough tactic, however , in order to arrive at heights, such properties are catastrophically significant.


Igor Mazepa commits a lot of time to the crew development, which is affirmed not by thoughts but by manners. Since the inception connected with “Concorde Capital”, the actual CEO has established any rule for trainings on personal growing and leadership attributes which must be executed regularly. Within the progress program, each battler can get to know his / her inner “I”, go over the stereotypes possibly the framework imposed simply by society, learn to attain the goals regardless, that extra.


At “Concorde Capital”, there are usually several sessions a month, and the trainings themselves take place away from city. While improving upon and completing assignments, the employees understand that there’s nothing impossible. Igor Mazepa did not stand guiding the team, he try really hard to takes part in trainings with his colleagues.


Igor Mazepa not only participates in trainings regarding his team but , in the event that he has some sparetime, does not object to help lecturing at the celebration. For example , Igor Mazepa once lectured to get Kiev students, revealing young people about management qualities and tricks of achieving success.


Mazepa loves to travel. Among the many favorites of Igor Mazepa are nations around the world such as Mexico, Peru, and Guatemala : that is, “unusual” regions for tourists. Often the businessman is sure this traveling is an expense in personality. It is not easy to argue using this type of statement, after all, its true that, by simply going around countries in addition to cities, the écart are expanding appreciably.


Another quality, credit reporting the extraordinary personality associated with Igor Mazepa, is usually revealed in his prefer to give unusual gifts, but additionally useful ones. Similarly, Mazepa believes the fact that gift should be simple, but on the other hand, the particular gift should be thought of by a person for an extended time.




Igor Mazepa is really a well-known Ukrainian business person. He is the founder as well as CEO of the expenditure company “Concorde Capital”, founded in Sept. 2004.


Igor Mazepa was born on August 2, 1976, throughout Kyiv. He has college education in the areas of economics and law. Mazepa graduated from Kiev National Economic University or college with a degree with “International Economics” and also “Law”.


Igor Mazepa began his job in the investment organization “Prospect Investments” within 1997, where the potential businessman held the career of banker. Earning experience, already inside 2000, Mazepa has been invited to become taking care of director of the IC “Foyil Securities Brand-new Europe”, after which they worked in the very same position at IC “IFC”.


Now Igor Mazepa is the chair person of the board in the UAS Ukrainian Alternate, the board scalp of the business authorities “Price of a State”, and also is a person in the Supervisory Table of Ukrsotsbank.


Before, Mazepa was a of the Supervisory Aboard of PAS “Alfa-Bank” and was a person in the Supervisory Mother board of UAS “State Export-Import Bank regarding Ukraine”.


Igor Mazepa does not like to focus on personal life. Nonetheless it is known which from active needs Igor Mazepa wants likes rowing and alpine skiing. He likewise enjoys football, doing some fishing, horse riding, and adores morning jogging. Igor Mazepa loves to vacation, preferring “unusual” international locations. The businessman is certain that travel is virtually the best “investment” throughout ourselves.


Igor Aleksandrovich Mazepa is known as typically the founder and BOSS of the company Afín Capital, which concentrates on investment. Igor Mazepa established Concorde Money in the autumn involving 2004.

Igor Mazepa was born on September 2, 1976, their hometown is Kiev. There he got two higher educations – economic along with judicial. He learned in the Kiev School of Economics around the faculty of “International Economics” and “Law”.

After graduation, Igor began building his or her career, and in 97, he was already some sort of banker at the investment decision company Prospect Opportunities. His successes in addition to development as a fresh specialist did not get unnoticed, and by now after 3 years (in 2000) he was asked to become the dealing with director of IC Foyil Securities Completely new Europe, and transmitted in the same placement at IC IFC.

Among the bright internet pages in labor task of Igor Mazepa, one can also realize the chairmanship on the board of GRETA Ukrainian Exchange, often the status of the table manager of the Point out Price business aboard, and participation from the supervisory board with the State Export-Import Standard bank of Ukraine.

Contrary to career achievements, that happen to be constantly in the open eye, there is not very much to say about Igor Mazepa’s private life. The actual entrepreneur does not choose to talk about personal as well as prefers to give selection interviews only on professional subject areas. But nevertheless, it is well-known that Igor Mazepa respects sports. Many of the favorite activities from the entrepreneur include drinking and alpine winter sports, which, by the way, damaged the corporate culture connected with his company’s personnel. Also, Igor Mazepa likes football, reef fishing, and he is attracted to horse riding. He can usually be spotted strolling in the mornings.

Mazepa’s journeys should not head out unnoticed either. The particular entrepreneur believes that will such trips are best investment in ourselves, and when choosing sites to travel, he constantly stops in “uninterrupted” countries or non-touristic places.

By the way, company owner doesn’t have a whole lot of free time for a leisure activity and pleasant be as one would like to include.




Investment corporation “Concorde Capital” started out by Igor Mazepa in September 2014. “Concorde Capital” delivers services in the expense sector, brokerage, and also management services.


The organization gained force right away, issuing numerous successes of “Concorde Capital” – victories with ratings and cession of both Ukrainian and international levels. So , “Concorde Capital” won primacy already in the market several times, becoming the top of the best.


Thanks to the utilization of various instruments from the financial field, the organization “Concorde Capital” been able to attract about $2. 5 billion with regard to national firms a wonderful areas as:



automotive industry;



oil and gas;


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Starting in 08 and up to this, the company created by Igor Mazepa had been able mutual funds (mutual investment funds) for the Ukrainian stock market, including:






“Pioglobal Ukraine”.


Today, “Concorde Capital” is a leader inside the field, which is proven by multiple advantages in various rating different types. For example , only within 2017, “Concorde Capital” received the second set up the rating “The Thomson Reuters Extel Survey”. Nomination inside framework of the status was “Ukraine: Analyst”. In the same season, the company became the first choice in such a nomination seeing that “The best sales-traders of Ukraine” instructions from the “Cbonds Honors for the CIS region” rating.


Also inside 2017, “Concorde Capital” won the standing “REPUTATIONAL ACTIVISTS” within the All-Ukrainian Nomination — “Finance – Purchase companies. ” The manufacturer of the rating were from the “Business” publication and one of the major PR agencies.


Create the results of the standing as clean as is possible, the organizers neared the choice of the court to full duty and seriousness. Therefore , among the judges ended up reputable experts when it comes to media and statistics. The winners were preferred based on the principle involving occupying leadership opportunities in a particular place and the number of personal references to media firms. The selection of nominees was obviously a closed process : voting was done on five elements in two information (industry and functional).


These achievements tend to be up-to-date. And for the many years of work, “Concorde Capital” has acquired a truly impressive range of awards; as far too, incidentally, Igor Mazepa, who was recognized as the most beneficial manager of the Ukrainian stock market in 2008.


Twice – during the past year and 2011 rapid “Concorde Capital” seemed to be rated first inside the ranking, organized from the publishing house “Economy”. From the hundred corporations that claimed in order to win, it was “Concorde Capital” that evolved into the best investment traditional bank.


All the numerous honors and achievements connected with “Concorde Capital” are usually, without a doubt, the results in which Igor Mazepa could achieve, thanks to conviction and tireless function. Probably that’s mainly because Mazepa’s favorite activities are rowing along with alpine skiing, even though such activities involve incredible endurance, stamina, an active lifestyle, in addition to determination.


But Igor Mazepa is not going to cease. The scale of “Concorde Capital” continues to grow, beating new horizons as well as overcoming all new heightened levels. Starting on this kind of scale, there is no doubt that the business, as well as its ceo and CEO Igor Mazepa, will have duplicated recognition by respected individuals and institutions, not only at home but in addition at an international amount.


However , things could not always go well, because, in order to achieve these kinds of heights, Igor Mazepa had to struggle frequently, rising up time and again.


The 2008 desperate significantly influenced “Concorde Capital”. It was important to take strict methods, even such as downsizing. Of the 200 staff members working at that time from the young company, just half had always been.


That year wasn’t an easy one for your company, as Igor Mazepa remembers. Equally the company and its workers experienced difficult moments: The staff was minimized, and whole sectors were closed. Despisers even said that an integral part of the company was purchased, but those had been just rumors. Regardless of hard it became, it turned out necessary to rise and also go forward. Moreover, the corporation was not in a “debt hole”, and the lessen of staff, as per Igor Mazepa, must have been a necessary measure.


Regardless, that extra, the company “Concorde Capital” survived those complicated times: The company even now managed to stay hanging, continuing to work just like nothing had transpired, growing in scale, curbing all new heights along with new achievements.


Inside November 2004, Igor Alexandrovich founded the main company, typically the investment organization titled “Concorde Capital”. The leading business of the organization is to provide an expenditure and brokerage expert services sector, as well as purchase management services. The business developed very quickly, that is repeatedly noted in numerous competitions exactly where “Concorde Capital” gotten high rewards in several nominations. It is notable that the ratings in addition to competitions, where Igor Mazepa’s investment business took the head were All-Ukrainian as well as international scale. “Concorde Capital”, at the beginning of it is development, was estimated by IC to enjoy a great success.

Staff members of “Concorde Capital” also managed to draw in over three tera- dollars of ventures for Ukrainian establishments that operate in numerous spheres:

  • metal;
  • transportation;
  • commercial and domestic real estate;
  • chemistry;
  • oil and gas;
  • agriculture; and

To get four years, until finally 2012, Igor’s firm managed a large number of good funds (mutual investment decision funds) on the Ukrainian stock market. Among them:

  • Prosperity
  • Perspective
  • Stability
  • Oligarch
  • Bioglobal Ukraine

Typically the company’s latest achievements at the moment is an commitment with the Foundation of Status Property of Ukraine with Concord Advising LLC (Also a component of Concorde Capital). Rapport Consulting LLC happens to be an official investment counsellor on the privatization of an number of large point out enterprises, which are created for sale as part of the “big privatization” according to the brand-new law.

In 2018, there were many important victories by Igor Mazepa, here are a few on the list of several: First place inside nomination “The finest analyst on the market associated with Ukraine” in the 12-monthly rating of Cbonds Awards for the CIS region, and a major 3 ranking in the Thomson Reuters Extel Survey in the don “Ukrainian analytics”.

A year ago can also be called a loaded harvest of wins and nominations. Throughout 2017, the purchase company “Concorde Capital” was ranked 2nd in The Thomson Reuters news agency Extel Survey throughout Ukraine: Analytics don. “Concorde Capital” had been awarded the Best sales-traders of Ukraine instructions rating from Cbonds Awards for the CIS region.

One in particular noteworthy victory is the awarded title REPUTATIONAL ACTIVISTS initiated with the publication “Business” in addition to one of the leading PUBLIC REALTIONS companies in Ukraine. In this ranking, “Concorde Capital” was graded first in the don “Finance – Expense Companies”.

The coordinators of the competition given great attention to openness and integrity regarding results. That is why picking out the jury has been very responsible and also serious. Experienced gurus were invited into the role of family court judges in the field of analytics along with media business. Invariably winners were determined by investigating the number of occupied command positions in various career fields of activity, in addition to taking into account the consistency and quality involving mentioning in the music of certain corporations. Voting was finished on five variables in two recommendations, industry and function.

These kind of victories and prizes are a relatively recent expense to acquisitions connected with Companies of Ajustado Capital. And they have acquired quite an impressive total for the entire period of lifetime. And not only with “Concorde Capital”- in 07 company founder Igor Mazepa was known as the best manager within the Ukrainian stock market.

Foremost positions in the ranking, initiated by the creating house “Economy”, were hosted twice by “Concorde Capital”- in 2009 in addition to 2011. “Concorde Capital” managed to bypass a huge selection of very strong competitors and thus was the best investment standard bank in Ukraine. Will be secret of the wild success of an expenditure company? Concorde Investment? There is no doubt that Igor’s character is behind all these results.

Mazepa, and also a team of professionals, properly selected by the dog, ready to persevere as well as perform diligent perform. No wonder Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa, an enormous lover of alpine skiing and rower, has introduced this pastime into corporate personnel culture at “Concorde Capital”. After all, this sort of sports are not only efficient at rallying relations from the company, but also getting vital leadership traits, endurance, willpower, and also dedication. Employees associated with “Concorde Capital”, nevertheless they are amateur players, they have already reached major successes in sport activity competitions organized the two internally in businesses and between diverse corporations.

There is no doubt that Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa impressive investment company “Concorde Capital”, is expecting new heights along with horizons. Judging by the excitement, “Concorde Capital” will never stop there.

Although did “Concorde Capital” always operate smoothly in addition to did everything often go so well?

Likely, in the modern world, there is not there are large and profitable company that would not have to start again. The investment corporation of Igor Mazepa has passed this way.

Often the financial crisis of ’08 had a negative effects not only on the Ukrainian but also on the world business. It also to be able to avoid the company “Concorde Capital”, in which the circumstance was not good at almost all.

It is not easy for Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa to be able to recall the events of the times since he previously to make a difficult conclusion for himself — staff reduction. Vital times demanded rigorous and precise things, and exactly half of the staff remained from the company’s 200 employees : entire departments have been closed, and gossips around the company gifted rise to truly horrible theories – by complete extinction towards the sellout of “Concorde Capital” to people from other countries. However , they were just about all far from the truth.

Despite the complications, “Concorde Capital” kept afloat and only became stronger, as denoted by the awards as well as achievements obtained by means of “Concorde Capital” forever.


Awards and Triumphs


The professional and also social activities regarding Igor Mazepa were being appreciated and obtained a number of awards.


For quite a while now, the company “Concorde Capital”, headed through Igor Mazepa, consumes a leading position inside the ranking of the best investment decision companies in the country, based on the major international reports agency “Thomson Reuters”.


The 2006-2007 calendar year. “Concorde Capital”, within the direction of Igor Mazepa, is the victorious one in the nomination “The Largest Investment Lender in Ukraine”, in line with the Guard corporate companies. Nominations initiated often the influential edition involving “Contracts”. To get involved in the Guards score, a company must have the specified qualification criteria rapid have open economic information, work want to buy at least two years, give products and services that are loved by consumers, and also have an apparent corporate brand.


The actual 2007 year. The particular publishing house “Economy” recognizes Igor Mazepa as the best director of the country’s stock trading game. In the same yr, “Concorde Capital” received the nomination “The Best Eastern Eu Study in Ukraine. ” The first place from the rating was acquired by a colleague connected with Igor Mazepa instructions the chief analyst associated with “Concorde Capital”, Alexander Parashchy. The status was formed through a questionnaire of representatives regarding international investment finances and public firms.


The 2007 12 months can be declared a prosperous one for “Concorde Capital” and Igor Mazepa in particular, because this year the company gained another very important wining – the first place inside nomination “The Very best Ukrainian M along with A Deal” in accordance with the large independent foreign conference “Adam Smith”.


The 2008 season continues a distinctive line of achievements and advantages. “Concorde Capital”, in the direction by Igor Mazepa, was recognized as leading the way of the Ukrainian stock broker market according to the standing of “The Thomson Reuters Extel Survey”.


The 2009 year ended up being remembered by a different recognition from the newspaper “Economy”. This time this company was ranked initial in the TOP-100 ranking as the best purchase bank. The same give “Concorde Capital” got in 2011, securing a number one position in the market. Typically the magazine “Economics” is actually a publication that specializes in a variety of rating studies involving companies on economical indicators. Such places as net income, world wide web profit, export, along with import are themes upon evaluation.


Often the 2016 year seemed to be memorable for Igor Mazepa by the triumph of the company “Concorde Capital” in the score “Thomson Reuters Extel Survey” in the don “Ukraine: Analyst” (“Ukraine: Country Research”). The corporation earned the first place within the rating, and in addition, unique experts from “Concorde Capital” were honored: Eurobonds traders Alexander Kushnir and Yacht club Martirosyan, and Alexander Parashchy, chief analyzer at “Concorde Capital”. They took the initial three positions inside the ranking. It is in order to say that all the primary positions in the status were taken simply by “Concorde Capital” or perhaps its representatives, signifies significant achievements connected with Igor Mazepa for a manager.


In the similar year, the company beneath leadership of Igor Mazepa won primaly in the nomination “Cbonds Awards CIS — 2016” as “The best sales-trader from the Ukrainian market”. This company also took next place in the remise “The Best Expenditure Bank of Ukraine” and “The Ideal Analyst on the Fiscal Markets of Ukraine”.


The 2017 calendar year was also definitely not without victories in addition to awards. The “Thomson Reuters Extel Survey” rating from “The Thomson Reuters” press company noted the actual achievements of “Concorde Capital” and accorded the brainchild associated with Igor Mazepa having second place in “Ukraine: Analyst” nomination. As the same year, the organization won another success in the “Cbonds Prizes CIS – 2017” in the nomination “The best sales-trader inside Ukrainian market”. However Igor Mazepa failed to limit himself to that victory of his / her brainchild – the business also took subsequent place in the don “Best Investment Traditional bank of Ukraine” as well as “Best Analyst fiscal Markets of Ukraine”.


But the most important affair for “Concorde Capital” was in the other challenge – the company initially in its history earned the nomination “Finance – Investment Companies” of the All-Ukrainian standing “REPUTATIONAL ACTIVISTS”. How come is this victory essential? The founders on the project “REPUTATIONAL ACTIVISTS” are the two most ancient respected Ukrainian organizations – the business syndication “Business” and “PR-Service” agency. The objective of the particular project is to distinguish national companies that contain achieved maximum produces the management regarding corporate reputation. For getting independent and third party results of the ranking, experts from distinct directions were supposed to the project justice. Among them were foremost media experts and also analysts. During the variety of nominees, the company’s leadership in the specific industries was considered, as well as the quantity along with quality of referrals to the company within the media. Voting had been closed, in total there initially were five criteria with two groups of cession – sectoral in addition to functional.


Igor Mazepa is proud of his success not only in the skilled sphere. The company “Concorde Capital”, not for that first year, works with the Ukrainian country wide rowing team. And maybe they are achieving great victories too.

During their existence, Concorde Cash itself, also it has the founder, Igor Mazepa, and individual personnel became winners in a number of nominations and gotten many awards, commemorating their professional as well as leadership qualities.

For countless years, the international announcement agency “Thomson Reuters” has named “Concorde Capital” the leading expense company in Ukraine.

In 2006-2007, “Concorde Capital” won a crucial victory for the small company in its don as “The Major Investment Bank within Ukraine”, according to the Safeguard corporate brands. The actual award was founded by influential edition with the business edition “Contracts”. Not only a victory, and also even the participation inside the rating can be called a success since there are a huge number of strict set of guidelines that a company ought to meet in order to be considered as the best.

Influential mass media “Economy” has continuously noted the company “Concorde Capital” and its choreographer Igor Mazepa. For instance , in 2007, “Concorde Capital” won from the nomination of the submission house “The Finest Eastern European Examine in Ukraine”. During the past year and 2011, precisely the same publication called “Concorde Capital” the best expenditure bank among many others.

2017 has been marked for Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa along with new achievements inside professional field. The 2010 season, The Thomson Reuters news agency, a media company company, initiated The particular Thomson Reuters Extel Survey rating, whereby “Concorde Capital” ended up being honored with secondly place, receiving the don “Ukraine: Analytics”.

Yet this is still not even close all the accomplishments that had been achieved during this period. So, the company “Concorde Capital” won the “Cbonds Awards CIS : 2017”, receiving the headline of the best sales-trader inside Ukraine. After that, a few victorious moments begun the results of which are generally second places the best nominations as “The Best Investment Standard bank of Ukraine”, and as well “The Best Expert on Financial Difficulties of the Ukrainian Market”.

However , among this sort of number of winnings regarding Mazepa, only one is different, namely, a win in the nomination “Finance – Investment Companies” within the framework from the rating called “REPUTATIONAL ACTIVISTS”. And all considering that the founders of the undertaking are two whales of the Ukrainian sector – the newsletter “Business” and the organization “PR-Service”. Within the structure of the organized score, the initiators placed a goal to highlight Ukrainian companies with the most useful corporate reputation.

It has to be taken into account that this rating can be a truly independent contest, sweepstakes. To discard most doubts about this, typically the organizers invited authorities from various grounds to the jury, amid which were well-known authorities in the field of media, and analysts.

Occupation involving positions in the status also had an essential turn, because the authority of the participating firms was determined, in addition to the mass distribution connected with references to corporations in the media. On top of that – the quality of these kind of references has also necessary importance. The voting process was accomplished on a closed time frame. All nominations ended up divided by marketplace and functionality.

And not entirety professionalism rapid that’s exactly what Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa perceives, who, of course , takes pride his achievements in the flooring buisingess environment, but concurrently he does not just ignore other areas. So , the corporation “Concorde Capital” is supporting the Ukrainian national rowing staff every year in a strip. There are also victories in this particular direction. For example , throughout 2017, member of they “Concorde Capital” Centro Dymchenko won platinum at the World Titles in France, within the city of Thonon. Objetivo also became the earth record holder, acquiring overcome a six-kilometer distance in 28. 58 minutes. You have to mention that with this contest the patient who was the successful in the competitions in the past two years in contrast Diana. One can simply imagine how much toughness and endurance often the Ukrainian woman must contribute during these tournaments, so it is simply not possible to overestimate this kind of victory.

Although that gain is relaxing, it is far from the primary. A year earlier, with 2016, the team “Concorde Capital” won its competition, held in Monaco, profitable the silver President Albert Cup. Its noteworthy that Igor Mazepa was among the many participants, so he or she happily shared the actual victory with his acquaintances.

Despite the fact that the year 2018 is simply not over yet, it can be already possible to produce intermediate results of the particular victories of “Concorde Capital”. The company came into the top three inside the rating of “The Thomson Reuters Extel Survey”, winning typically the nomination “Ukrainian analyst”. Also this year, this company won the don “The Best Analyzer on the Ukrainian Market” in the framework on the “Cbonds Awards to the CIS region” standing.


Social work


Drinking juices and alpine water skiing are the favorite exercises of Igor Mazepa and occupy a vital place in the businessman’s life. Despite the fact that Igor Mazepa is very stressful, he devotes because his free time for you to his hobby as it can be.


Moreover, Igor Mazepa, together with “Concorde Capital”, has been supporting often the Ukrainian rowing workforce for many years.


An interesting actuality – “Concorde Capital” has its own rowing driver, whose team needed second place in the actual competitions that came about in Monte Carlo, Monaco, in 2016. And the founder and also CEO of the business, Igor Mazepa, could not stand aside, observing the team, but seemed to be directly involved in the competitive events, competing for wining in the rowings with the Prince Albert 2 Cup.


One of the scanners at “Concorde Capital” is Diana Dymchenko. In 2017, the particular Ukrainian woman acquired the single-type drinking juices World Rowing Title in France, metropolis of Thonon, revisiting home with a yellow metal medal. The drinking team at “Concorde Capital” really is made of professionals, especially since Diana’s competitors within Thonon were a couple previous world winners.


Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa is a big significant other of rowing along with alpine skiing, consequently Mazepa devotes all of his free time to those activities, in every means encouraging activity. It is very common knowledge that Igor Mazepa and “Concorde Capital” have been serving the Ukrainian state rowing team for countless years.

And the fact that “Concorde Capital” has its own firm rowing team does mean a lot. Winning another place in Monte Carlo in 2016, Blanco Dymchynko’s victory inside 2017 is a time that Igor Mazepa is incredibly proud of. Nevertheless it cannot be otherwise, must be businessman personally participates competitions, such as, for instance , it was in Padre, where the team retaliated for the Prince Albert II Cup.


Exclusive life and living position

Igor Mazepa tries not to fit his personal life about public display in addition to rarely comments with its details for any media. According to unconfirmed reports, Igor Mazepa is not married. She has a child from their first marriage together with Tatyana Zdanevich (the child lives together with mother).

About funds


The vital location of Igor Mazepa is very curious. In a interview, Mazepa instructed that he no longer appetizers money as a small measure life, but functions it as a tool. While at the beginning of his occupation, everything was several – Igor Mazepa dreamed about purchasing his or her own apartment and other gains. Time put every little thing in its place – currently his work as well as the team that he was able to assemble has more significant value. Mazepa generally says that genuine wealth is not dollars, but an experience which might be gained during existence, as well as the enjoyment of typically the obtained results as well as communication with people. Igor Mazepa sees his or her mission in seeing himself as much as possible instructions both as an buyer and as an individual.

Concerning work

Igor Mazepa considers himself to become hardworking person and also constantly repeats that he or she prefers to deal with merely such people, both equally as an employee associated with his company so when a partner. Mazepa is convinced that it is impossible to achieve achievements without hard work, using rare exceptions, if money falls in someone’s hands by simply chance. But in these kinds of case, such “easy” money, as a rule, will not linger, because a one that has received wealth not really because of work, although because of luck, speedily wastes it. Nevertheless having earned cash through daily job, a person begins to come to know each penny. Although at the same time, Mazepa would not like workaholics, in view that these people spend a lot of energy in the service haphazardly. The real winners, depending on the head of “Concorde Capital”, are the alleged victory people, folks who can combine fair diligence and ingenuity. Igor Mazepa creates his subordinates in a similar fashion – if there is a purpose to work until nights and it will be practical – everyone is effective, and if there is no need due to and everything can be performed in less time – you may relax a little.

Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa will probably be a prominent individual, charismatic leader as well as a winner in life. What exactly helps Mazepa consistently to be the best? The reply to this question set up: Igor Mazepa is definitely hardworking person, who might be distinguished by special persistence, he certainly not gives up, believes in him self, his team along with company, has an dynamic lifestyle and is carried out self-development day by day.

Anyway, Igor Mazepa puts on victories not only on national business challenges but also personal, within colleagues. So , Mazepa’s subordinates repeatedly believed his loyalty, mobility, and humanity. Every one of the workers of Igor Mazepa know that fine performance at work will for certain be rewarded — a great motivation to function hard and for benefits, right? But the businessman- this is the leadership position. To help earn the kindness of the head, you must give all the best, in this case, all endeavours will be rewarded hundredfold.

First of all, among the people qualities, Mazepa values the ability to take liability, attention to details, gumption and a sober, realistic approach to any enterprise. In fairness it has to be taken into account that the same components can be found in the individuality of Igor Mazepa himself, so you should certainly not think beforehand this Mazepa requires some thing transcendental and unattainable from his subordinates, because, first of all, often the businessman has these requirements for themselves.

A friendly atmosphere generally reigns in the team of the company “Concorde Capital”. And this is a result of numerous trainings that Igor Mazepa organizes for his / her colleagues. From the 1st year of do the job of “Concorde Capital”, it was established any rule to carryout trainings for private development and control qualities on a long-lasting basis. A similar tip has flowed into your tradition, and now this kind of events are tidy regularly. As a result of education as early as, participants can recognize themselves, get rid of images, and learn to achieve ambitions.

Standardly, the company “Concorde Capital” conducts numerous trainings per month, which might be carried out outside the urban center, away from the hubbub. Interesting, that Igor Alexandrovich himself is definitely personally present each and every training, taking earth’s most active part in the functions.

About his down time from work, trainings, and hobbies, Igor Mazepa is not ondée to speak to the public. Like somehow Kiev scholars were lucky enough being a businessman’s chalk talk on the topic “Leadership qualities and secrets and techniques of achieving success. ”

Mazepa also wants to travel. Among several countries, Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa identifies these kinds of countries as South america, Peru, and Guatemala as favorites. Typically the businessman believes which traveling is the most money-making investment in the progress oneself.

Mazepa’s chance to present gifts in addition affects the unusualness. After all, it really may be known as not only skill but a creative process. It can be one thing to give anything, and another presenting something unusual for the person, but in addition useful. Igor Aleksandrovich Mazepa gives personal preference to the second different.

Private life in addition to life position

In which you life of Igor Mazepa is straightened behind seven seals. A businessman is not going to want to spread a non-public part of his lifestyle for public talk, so little is known about it. Some sources which Mazepa is still sole; nevertheless, he has some sort of son from Tatyana Zdanevich, his initially wife.


Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa the moment said that money in their life is not an fulfillment itself, but simply a tool for results. Interestingly, at the beginning of his employment, Mazepa’s point of view hasn’t been so philosophical. In that case, the future businessman presumed that for enjoyment you need to buy your unique apartment and have different traditional benefits. Even so the passage of time modified everything. Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa sees valuation in his work as the team, that is, from the people who surround him or her every day. Now you can typically hear how a entrepreneur claims that true wealth hides not necessarily in money, playing with an experience that occurs over the years and turns into the real result of lifetime. Igor Mazepa provides set a goal : to constantly strengthen and develop equally personally and in organization – and to remember about it for a minute.


Igor Mazepa, definitely, is a dedicated diligent man, as the folks around him declare, as well as himself. Consequently , it is not surprising that your businessman wants to cope only with the identical people. Mazepa is convinced that to achieve a thing without hard work is absolutely not real. However , Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa thinks that a happy special occasion also takes place: For instance , when an unlimited income falls into the hands and fingers of a person, definitely not because of his work, but at the price of luck. Nevertheless , regarding the second condition, Mazepa believes that will having received income at random, the person probably appreciate it, and therefore may waste it inside blink of an vision without even thinking about everywhere and why. Something else you should is when a particular person goes to a certain fiscal level gradually, racking up wealth both in economical terms and in terminology of experience. Solely then a person starts to understand the true associated with money.

An interesting simply to that Igor Mazepa does not like people. By the way, this n entrepreneur does not consider him or her self as such, because she has other hobbies furthermore work. And those who all spend a lot of time in the office, according to Igor Alexandrovich, do it completely at haphazard. At the same time, the terme conseillé operates with a personalized term coined by means of him – “victoryholics” – people who realize how to combine work with recreational and are committed to creative imagination. At “Concorde Capital”, one and all employees the actual principle of Mazepa, and therefore no one is actually surprised when you need to the office until dusk over the dam, but you can chill out during the absence of a really load.

Time managing

How does Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa do anything in time? Personally, the actual businessman himself states that time management is often a science; which, nevertheless , does not require considerably effort to study. As outlined by Mazepa, he observation people, and therefore will never be late, because in every area of your life every minute is special.

Country achievements

With March 2017, Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa within the interview with the Organization publication to the problem “What is the most critical achievement of Ukraine? ”, answered that they considers the deal on a free business zone with the EUROPEAN UNION countries as such. Often the CEO of “Concorde Capital” is comfortable that work in this course will open up a lot of chances and prospects for Ukrainians.


In an interview having Novoye Vremya, Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa gave a talk about how, in his thoughts and opinions, the country could be given new investment impacts. The businessman is certain that a reasonable territory reform and the alternative of the issue regarding privatization can help on this matter. Mazepa feels that such ways will not stop anticipating investors who will before long invest resources throughout Ukraine.


As per Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa, Ukrainians are “suffering” from total infantilism. And this can’t go on for a long time, this attribute must be eradicated rapid and the sooner the more effective. Mazepa is self-assured that the solution in this single issue can lead to the solution of many other troubles. The businessman is convinced that among the Ukrainian people there day-to-day lives a myth from time of the USSR that, if one thing happens, the state may come with the help for you, and it will help out performed situation. Thus, men and women always blame an individual for their own useless, only not their selves, not a specific man or woman, but Municipal Assistance, deputies, the Security Provider of Ukraine, and many others. Generations of irresponsible critics and ever-whining and blaming persons.

The name of Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa can often be found on the websites of the media just because a site businessman regularly will act as a newsmaker, pro, analyst and predictor about a given problem. Igor Mazepa possesses personal editorials in many media. Such desire from the media on the personality of Igor Mazepa suggests that the particular CEO of “Concorde Capital” is not only a competent with a capital notification but also a person do you know opinion is followed and attended to.


Time management


The warm schedule of Igor Mazepa makes you think about the philosophical concern – how is crucial done in time? Actually , the secret of Igor Mazepa is to admiration people and do not buy them waiting.

About the triumphs of the country


In the interview with the Small business newspaper in Next month 2017, the CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER of “Concorde Capital” declared that he issues the main achievement intended for Ukraine to warning an agreement on a no cost trade zone together with the European Union. According to Mazepa, this step will introduce you to huge opportunities as well as new sales stores for Ukrainian small business.

About investment


Within the interview with Novoye Vremya, the PRESIDENT of “Concorde Capital” shared his judgment on how to get completely new investments for the status. Igor Mazepa thinks that cardinal area reform and privatization can attract unknown investors. If this sort of steps are considered, investors will come to help Ukraine in just a quarter or so.

About responsibility


Igor Mazepa believes in which total infantilism will be inherent in Ukrainian society, and it ought to be urgently eradicated. Various other problems will go in conjunction with it. Mazepa promises that among the compatriots lives the “Soviet” myth of a excellent state, which, in the event something happens, will forever come to rescue and also solve all complications. And if the state doesn’t help, people will probably blame anyone (Social Services, President, Administration etc . ), and not a specific person. Depending on the head of “Concorde Capital”, such idea destroys, does not encourage the society to be in charge, and nurtures evalators and whiners.

With regards to presumptions


Igor Mazepa is known as a good forecaster. Many people, including journalists, are often interested in his or her opinion on the even more development of events in the united kingdom, asking in which locations it will be better to sow. In a recent appointment with the Novoye Vremya magazine, Igor Mazepa said that energy ongoing availability, medicine, and knowledge are areas this investors should be aware of. There is little level of competition, and the need for adjust is huge.

In relation to corruption


Igor Mazepa does not see authentic change in the country with regard to corruption. Moreover, they considers it is a component of Ukrainian culture. Rapidly police reform, Igor Mazepa argues men and women who are accustomed to banned actions will always chose the way. Corruption with Ukraine, in the view of the “Concorde Capital” CEO, not only would not disappear but , then again, are considering new sorts. He sees every one of the reasons that people to be able to become richer, this kind of jobs did not grow, plus the business did not remedy its problems, solely earned new versions.

About judicial change


According to Igor Mazepa, judicial reform must be one of the most important regions in Ukraine, given it will solve quite a few problems at once. Additionally , it will improve the country’s investment climate instructions a business convinced which something is not intending right should know that will by appealing to Ukrainian court, he will be handed a transparent and genuine investigation into the span of affairs.


Igor Mazepa often acts as a new newsmaker or skilled in the Ukrainian growing media. He is often expected to analyze the situation or maybe make a forecast. Mazepa even allocates a unique editorial for the thoughts. Such awareness from the side involving journalists expresses in which Mazepa is a professional along with an expert in many parts, and also that music and the public trust the pup, which is not easy to obtain in modern Ukrainian media.


Igor Mazepa is not very participating in social networks, despite the manner on personal personal blogs. Although the CEO features Facebook and Twits pages, he does not necessarily often entertain members with posts as well as personal photos.

Particular qualities


How have Igor Mazepa gain such heights? The right formula to this question is usually, of course , in the concentration of the businessman, his / her active life situation and the desire to acquire every day.


Igor Alexandrovich is a remarkable administrator, which, by the way, is definitely marked not only through ratings but also simply by subordinates themselves. Completely working performance Mazepa generously rewards staff members of his corporation. However , in return, typically the businessman wants to find the same reaction. That patients suffer from, Igor Mazepa principles responsibility, attentiveness, thing, and a competent ways to business. Put simply, the many qualities that he includes himself. Perhaps anyone will find this a troublesome strategy, however , as a way to reach heights, these characteristics are catastrophically important.


Igor Mazepa devotes a lot of time into the team development, that is certainly confirmed not by simply words but by means of deeds. Since the start off of “Concorde Capital”, the CEO has generated a rule to get trainings on particular growth and management qualities which need to be conducted regularly. From the development program, each one participant can get to be aware of his inner “I”, go beyond the prototypes or the framework included by society, be able to achieve the desired goals in any case.


At “Concorde Capital”, there are usually various classes a month, along with the trainings themselves be held outside of the city. Even though improving and filling out tasks, the employees know that nothing is impossible. Igor Mazepa did not stand up behind the team, he / she actively takes part in trainings alongside his friends.


Igor Mazepa but not only participates in trainings with his team however if he has many free time, does not target to lecturing within the event. For example , Igor Mazepa once lectured for Kiev learners, telling young people in relation to leadership qualities in addition to secrets of becoming successful.


Mazepa loves to take a trip. Among the favorites connected with Igor Mazepa usually are countries such as Paraguay, Peru, and Guatemala – that is, “unusual” territories for holidaymakers. The businessman is convinced that traveling is undoubtedly an investment in persona. It is difficult to state with this statement, of course, it is true this, by going around places and cities, often the horizons are widening significantly.


Another level of quality, confirming the extraordinary style of Igor Mazepa, is revealed within the desire to give special gifts, but also useful people. On one hand, Mazepa states that the gift needs to be practical, but conversely, the gift really should be remembered by a man for a long time.