Many companies have projects to develop automatic vegetable pickers because young people do not want to go to agriculture. According to the Ministry of agriculture, forestry and fisheries of Japan, the average age of farmers in the country varies from 59 to 67 years. Agricultural workers often retire without heirs, because their children choose a higher-paying job in city offices. Since 1995, the number of farmers in Japan fell by 56 per cent to 1.82 million, the Message, the Japan Times reports EastFruit.
To support domestic agricultural production, the government has developed a programme to facilitate the entry of foreigners as seasonal workers. The demand for labor is provided by farms that cannot afford technical modernization. Since April 2018, at least 7.3 thousand workers have entered Japan. By March 2024, their number will grow to 35.5 thousand people.

As noted by Professor of Economics at the University of Meiji Hisakazu Kato, programs that support the admission of foreigners, hinders the technical development of the country. It is worth noting that many companies are projects to develop automatic vegetable pickers. For example, Panasonic is creating a tomato picker that will be ready by 2020.

In General, the growth of the market of robots, drones and other devices for agriculture in Japan in 2018 is estimated at 14% to $133 million.this figure is Expected to double in the next 5 years.